World of Reptiles

Frogs that look like moss, turtles with snouts like pigs, pythons that grow to 22 feet…see them all at the World of Reptiles. Our scaly superstars and herp heroes include Cuban crocs, green tree monitors, poison dart frogs, and many more.

What to See and Do

Coo at little lizards and tiny turtles.
Find out what’s been hatching in the Reptile Nursery. You might see a tiny gecko jumping or a red cobra youngster curled up snug.

Seek out our masters of disguise.
Can you spot the Malaysian leaf frog hidden among the foliage, or the Egyptian dab lizard nestled between the rocks?

Discover why it’s not easy being green.
Hunting for the skin trade, poaching for traditional medicine, and habitat loss threaten many crocodiles, snakes, turtles, and frogs.

Get up close and personal with the baby Galapagos tortoises.
Visit the tortoises on their piece of Isabella Island, just around the corner from the front entrance. After your visit, learn more about their daily lives in our interactive children's book, Bowie and Zoey's Fantastic, Fun-filled Field Journal. Inside the online journal, you can watch videos of the babies, read fun facts about their routines and take a turtle quiz.

Just down the path from World of Reptiles, you can take a ride on the Bug Carousel.