Big Bears

Big bears deserve their big reputations! Our charismatic brown bears patrol a high ridge of natural rock, splash about in swimming holes, and nap in cozy dens. The polar bears love a dip in the pool—especially when it’s frozen.

What to See and Do

Meet the cubs.
Glacier, Kootz, Denali, and Sitka—one young grizzly and three brown bear cubs—are the furry foursome you'll see splashing about in their pool, wrestling with one another, and always up to something!

Salute the ice king.
A frosty swim in wintertime is a treat for our polar bears. In summertime they cool off with frozen fish pops, AKA fishsicles.

Take a scenery and snack break.
Enjoy the view of the grizzlies from the Bear Overlook picnic area. Have a treat from Grizzly Goodies corner.